Thursday, February 20, 2014

And, I'm back

After about a six year hiatus, I have decided to start writing this blog again. Only this time, it won't be about politics. At least not about large-P politics. Instead, it will be filled with my observations of life, on the goings-on around the world in which I live. What motivated me to get back to this simple - so much happens to us, many layers of the stuff of life, and that perhaps by writing about it, cathartic as it sounds, I want others to gain more from this experience than me. And maybe get a chuckle out of it too.

And so let's begin.

As I look at the blinking of my cell phone at o'dark-thirty, it is a reminder to me that there is no break in the information push in which we, most of us, partake in daily. I am sure by now that scientists have deemed this an addiction. Ever try not to look? It's darn near impossible. Even though what is behind the blinking light isn't all good news. In fact, its actually 'reality news', most of which isn't good. Early morning emails are from the political blogs, telling me what happened in Albany and Washington, informing me of whose in and whose out of political races, setting the stage for the rest of my morning. Bill reminders telling me to pay way to much with way too little. My calendar for the day, which reminds me of all of the things I need to accomplish in never-enough time and meetings that won't yield nearly as much fruit as was designed. Yet, if I didn't look, if I turned my phone off, my anxiety would rise to an unhealthy level. Double-edged sword.

Blinking lights seem to be everywhere as I start the day. I turn on the Keurig and a blinking light notifies me that there isn't enough water in the reservoir so I have to fill it before my morning joe can be made. Another blinking light on my laptop is informing me that I should plug it in before the battery is completely out, meaning I forgot to plug it in last night. I'm sure that when I get in my car a little later, there will be a blinking light telling me that there isn't enough gas to get me to work and that I'll need to stop for fuel. Learned behavior: Like Pavlov's dog, I now believe that blinking lights heed only undesirable news.

Reading the morning blogs and news today, I am reminded that people living in this neck of the woods do not lack for having an opinion. While that's a good thing in general, I tend to subscribe to the Jim Boeheim theory about letters to the editor - its not beneficial for people to write and criticize someone or something using only their 'interpretation' of the facts. Why should one be able to throw another under the bus with statements that aren't factual? Even though they read an article or saw a news story on television that stated the facts, there is a tendency to artfully disregard them in the piece, whether it be a letter to the editor or in posting comments to a story online. Freedom of speech maybe, but the problem is others then take what they said as factual and the tale begins to grow and people get hurt. I am simply not a fan of that. Sue me.

I can't ignore the blinking phone any longer. Until next time...